Warbird Maintenance & Restoration


At Hazair we can tailor to your aircraft maintenance needs with a wealth of knowledge and experience from our experienced aircraft maintenance team.

Stephen Death, Greg Burke, Justin Anderson, Hayden Bruce, Hans Plas and Megan Kaisner are our aircraft maintenance team based at the Albury Airport.

As well as maintaining our fleet of Agricultural Aircraft, we also maintain the following range of aircraft:  North American T-28 Trojan, North American T6, CAC Winjeel, Curtiss P40, Focke Wulf 190, Cessna C172 up to Cessna C337, as well as many single engine Pipers and Mooney types.

In recent years we have also been actively involved in re assembling, repairing and certifying imported aircraft from the USA .

Hazair has been involved in various restoration projects including 3 x T-28 Trojans bought from Laos long after the Vietnam war, a Winjeel that was the first to ever fly in the USA, a North American T6G, Cessna 337 and Cessna 170.

All of our work is completed at our CASA approved and Audited  aircraft maintenance workshop at the Albury Airport , or at temporary locations around Australia in accordance with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority Regulations.