Work Order Forms

In order for Hazair to ensure that a timely and efficient Aerial Application job can be carried out we have attached the following PDF Work Order Forms and Terms and Conditions files that can be read, or printed and filled out, then faxed to our Albury office on 02 60412156 or emailed to and




Superphosphate, Urea, Aerial Seeding and Baiting

What We Need from you to ensure the job is done to perfection?

Super : Is usually dumped on the ground on a clear flat dump sitewith no grass, our loader (see below) bucket can hold over a tonne and scoops up the super off the ground and is raised and put in the hopper of the plane. Most seed (i.e Ryegrass) is usually mixed in with the super by the farmer.

Urea: Is stored in a truck, with an Auger to fill the loader hopper which is just raised to to top of the auger to allow it to fill up.

Map of property to be sprayed including the following information:

  • Areas of paddocks marked in hectares.
  • Any houses within 2 km of the areas to be sprayed.
  • Power lines.
  • Product to be used and rate of application.
  • Trading name and address of client and telephone contacts if available..
  • Significant landmarks, sheds, dams, houses, roads, etc.

Maps can be picked up at the landing strip, emaied  or faxed to us on (02) 6041 2156 at our Albury Airport office.

Our aircraft are capable of carrying between 800 kg to 1500kg of fertiliser.

Your Airstrip

Protect us with a safe well deserved airstrip.

  • If possible, position the strip into prevailing wind and towards treatment area or highest site available.
  • Airstrip should be within 3 kilometres of the treatment area to avoid a surcharge.
  • Airstrip should be accessible from the road for transport to deliver the product to be used. ( where possible, avoid using the strip area for vehicle access).
  • A large grader should be used to smooth the strip as usually tractor implements are unable to make such a surface economically.
  • Airstrip should be made or re surfaced in autumn to allow establishment of selected grasses and settling.
  • To test the airstrip surface, drive a car at 80 kph - there should be no pitching and the surface should feel as smooth as driving down the freeway.
  • Cut grass to less than 10 cm on airstrip prior to use (Long grass creates a fire hazard and reduces acceleration for take-off).
  • Consult us for inspection of selected sites before proceeding with airstrip construction.
  • Regulations do not permit the carriage of Passengers.

And the most important one of all, the airstrip should be at least 800mts long with no obstacles (i.e. Trees, Power lines or Houses) at the end of the strip.


Contact Adam or Stephen for all your spreading needs.