About Us

Hazair is a family owned and operated company started by Margaret and Keith Death in 1960, we have been servicing the Riverina area ever since then and continue to do so under Keith and Margaret’s son, Stephen who now owns the company.

Our main base is our hangar situated at the Albury Airport. We operate 3 types of Aircraft including our Air Tractor 402 used for spraying and spreading, 2 Transavia Airtruks which are mainly used for spreading superphosphate, seeding, urea and mouse baiting. We also have a Cessna C-188 Ag-Husky’s used for spraying.

We utilise and hire out our Cessna 206 for various jobs including training by the local flying school.

The Hazair flying team comprises of Stephen Death, the Chief Pilot and a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer with 30 years Agricultural flying experience, Adam Ianson, actively involved in both spreading and spraying operations as our operations manager and primary pilot.  Riley Payne and Alex Death are seasonal pilots at Hazair that help out with spraying and spreading operations to meet cutomer needs during busy periods.

Our Operations Area is mainly  throughout the Eastern Riverina, South West Slopes and North East Victoria, this provides our local clients and agronomists on going reliable support.

We Have Our Main Base at the Albury Airport, a base at the Holbrook Airport and Permission with the Corowa Shire Council to Operate off the Corowa Airport. We also have a database of clients with airstrips throughout the region. We have recently set up our newest base in the Brocklesby area to improve our ability to meet our clients needs.

Hazair is an presently an accredited Operation Spray Safe Company with the Aerial Application Association of Australia, and also Aerial Agricultural Management System Accreditated (AIMS).

Hazair is approved by CASA to conduct All Aerial Work Operations as well as Maintenance on all Class B Aircraft.